Lingua Attack immerses you in a foreign language the way it is actually spoken in everyday life.

Video boosters:

Exercises based on movie clips, to make rapid progress.

Visual dictionnaries:

Thousands of illustrated expressions with pronunciation

Assessment Tests :

Test your level and measure your progress

Games :

Because playing enable you to retain more, and faster

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For Schools:

In secondary education establishments, higher education and in language institutes, Lingua Attack enables learners to develop their foreign language skills with authentic, current content that is both familiar and motivational.


In the workplace:

From small companies to the biggest multinationals, Lingua Attack enables employees to quickly assess their current level and to make rapid progress in a new language the way it is actually spoken in professional contexts and in everyday life.


For individuals and families:

Would you like to improve your English and practice it more often? Then English Attack is for you. Whether for just yourself, or for the whole family, it’s the ideal way to improve your language skills.

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Becoming a distributor:

Are you a distributor or reseller of educational products and services? If your company is active in the field of education or professional training, and you might be interested in distributing our service in your territory, let’s discuss potential collaboration!


The residents of the Ile-de-France region can now learn four languages free of charge, using the same pedagogical approach that has enabled over a million learners to improve their English with English Attack.

The Ile-de-France Region has enlisted a consortium of companies based in the Region to create its language learning service, with the objective of having a multilingual region by 2021. Entertainment Learning, the company behind English Attack, has brought its unique approach to language learning to this initiative.

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