The Lingua Attack Schools Platform

The Lingua Attack Organization Platform is designed for language instruction and practice in secondary education establishments, in higher education, and in language institutes.
Based on current, authentic content and totally complementary to in-class learning, the Lingua Attack Organizations Platform enables learners to practice and deepen their foreign language skills in the most motivating way possible.

Lingua Attack is a valuable resource for practicing and experiencing language concepts learned in class, as applied to diverse situations and contexts.

The Organization Platform features a full range of trainer tools for optimal use both within and outside of the training sessions:

Creation and scheduling of assignments drawn from exercises on the service
Assignment notification to learners, both via e-mail and on the Organizations platform
Scheduling of Level Assessment Tests by group
Assignment compliance, scores and Level Assessment Test results by group, displayed on the service and also available as downloadable files
A multi-platform solution: PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones

The platform has been specifically designed for easy deployment, and to be in line with the needs of educational establishments:

Multi-user Organizations licence to manage organizations, classes and level groups
Unique authentication integrated with the Organization Information System
Consolidated dashboards showing usage statistics and results reporting

  • Secondary education, higher education and language institutes
  • Complementary to course instruction
  • For use both in-class and outside of the classroom
  • Group and individual learner management
  • Connection to Organization Information Systems

With a multi-user licence that’s easy to deploy, and the ability to track the learning activity and progress of each employee, Lingua Attack is the ideal solution for small and large companies alike, including multinationals.

For employees needing to refresh or to go further in their foreign language skills, Lingua Attack features not only essential reference materials and engaging content, but also learning modules specially developed for workplace language contexts, such as how to prepare and deliver a presentation, or how to negotiate a deal. Lingua Attack also enables employees at a beginner proficiency level to make rapid progress thanks to learning modules created specifically for learners just starting out in a new language.

Features designed for the needs of companies of all sizes.

Multi-user licences with easy management of multiple sites, affiliate locations or categories of employees
User interface and translation available in 26 languages, ideal for a diverse workforce
Possibility of content created specifically for your industry or profession
Dashboards showing usage statistics and assignment results
Multi-platform solution : PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones

Usable according to three deployment modes, according to your needs, for a language-learning solution that fits with your training strategy.
100% autonomous self-learning
Blended learning: hybrid approach combining distance learning and teacher-led training
Personalized distance learning, with Lingua Attack units chosen specifically for an individual learner

Lingua Attack: an essential component of your human resource strategy, perfectly adapted to your skills management initiatives.

  • For all enterprise sizes, from small companies to multinationals
  • For staff with beginner, intermediate or advanced language learner needs
  • Professional modules especially designed for workplace language contexts
  • Easy integration into the overall training program
If you are a human resources or training manager and would like to improve the language competencies of your staff, tell us about your specific needs. We’ll work together to find the best solution.
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